The start of the journey

I’m going to start off my blog page with the following disclaimer. I plan on writing nothing that is political. Although I do know that people out there can make a political argument about anything. I’m always up for a good argument. Just make it funny.

I have a special gift for storytelling and a unique gift for humor. I want to make light of everything. I want to have fun with everything. I want to have fun with everyone. I hope to be able to do this with this blog, and my books.

I sometimes wonder how many people know how to be happy. Regardless, you know my plan. No malice here.

That whining over, this blog will be irregularly posted. I am retired so I balance writing with fun—about 30% writing, the rest fun. My posts will discuss the following topics for now, reserving the right to change my mind on any given moment-


My journey in writing my novel Blind Tomahawk and its status

Dealing with agents, publishers etc., if and when that happens

Writing pet peeves

General funny stories

Story writing tips

Maybe I might post videos that I find funny

And anything else that tickles my particular fancy

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I could not put it down!

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