About the Author

A month and a half after my discharge, I headed to college in New Haven. Received a math degree (in three years), then started my job hunt. It took some time, but I landed various engineering jobs, all in CT. Retired in 2013 as an electro-mechanical design engineer and invented some pretty cool shit along the way and have patents to show for it.

During my working years, I married a sweet and generous woman…Marge Cunningham. She has put up with my quirks for over 40 years. That’s how special she is. Sadly, her teaching career was cut short due to a debilitating case of Lyme Disease. She battles that insidious bug to this day. I don’t make it easy.

We have lived in the same house and town for those 40 years. Our Victorian house required tons of work…work of love in progress.

Marge and I enjoy kayaking the many waterways along the CT shore. We also bike the many New England trail ways. Most often we drive the two miles to Hammonasset Beach Park to cruise the trails along the water. When we can get away, we love to travel. As devoted beach people, we rarely go to landlocked locales. Why would anyone? If I don’t see a seagull flying overhead…

Since I have retired, I’ve decided to help people realize their own inventions. I design it for them, help determine if it is patentable or marketable, get preliminary quotes for prototypes, even make the prototypes if feasible. 3D printing has sped up this development process from weeks to hours. Once they have their part in their hand, it’s up to them how they want to market and sell it.

One invention by a friend of mine, a very cool toy, has turned into a thriving business, Dreamup Toys, LLC. The website can explain the toy better than me in this short bio. Additionally, I am currently working with three other people and am excited as to where their inventions can take them.

I also teach bridge to anyone I can round up. Still play singles tennis. Although I was on my high school golf team, I rarely play the game. Maybe when Marge decides to take up the game.

I am currently writing the sequel to my futuristic submarine techno thriller, Blind Tomahawk. All this writing has me thinking—I really should have paid more attention in English classes.